TMG, which stands for Taylor Made Goods, was founded back in 2013 when a young woman full of ambition and ideas decided to turn her dream into a reality. With a little help from family and friends, TMG was successfully launched.

So why soap?

Having skin allergies throughout childhood and even adulthood, Megan knew she was not alone in the endless and sometimes difficult search for a skin care product that wouldn’t irritate her skin. As time went on, she came to discovery what was really in her soap and decided, she needed to do something about it. ¬†Putting her thinking cap on, she knew what she had to do. Make soap.

Through the power of a few basic ingredients, years of research and tons of feedback, Megan has finally created the perfect product for her customers, tailored for individuals from all walks of life.

At Taylor Made Goods, only the finest local and global, natural and organic ingredients are used in the soap making process. In fact, most soaps created by TMG have very few ingredients and all of them, easily pronounceable. No artificial dyes, chemicals or preservatives are used. Absolutely no testing on animals is done, however, there is a special soap formulated for Fido!

Pick up a bar, or two or three! Whatever you do, enjoy a wonderfully, thought out product designed with your well-being in mind.